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Posted on August 15, 2018

Episode one of our new podcast series to help you with your next renovation project

Adventures in renovating for profit is our new podcast series to help you if you’re looking to make money from a renovating, investing in property or you just want to update the home you live in.

In this series we will take you through some of the pitfalls based on our recent experience and the essential things you need to know, like the difference between renovating to rent and renovating to live in or sell and the benefits of setting and sticking to a budget.

Episodes will drop every two weeks in Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app.

In this episode, we take you through our renovation journey, including why we wanted to do it how we found our property and how we ended up finding some great tenants to live in the house after the transformation was complete!

Renovating for profit – a new podcast series from Lauren Keenan

In this series we will speak to a number of experts including a mortgage broker about financing a project and an experienced real estate agent about how to find your property and what to do once the renovation is complete.

Here are the episodes you can expect over the next few months:

Episode 1 – How to start a renovation project

Episode 2 – How to find an investment property

Episode 3 – What is the difference between buying to rent and buying to flip

Episode 4 – How to finance your investment property

Episode 5 – Planning for success

Episode 6 – Building a budget for renovation success

Episode 7 – Why asking for help is the smartest thing you might do

Episode 8 – How to sell or rent your property once the renovation is done

How you can get involved

We want to know what are the big burning questions you have about renovating.

Do you want info on how to find a property? A specific question about financing a project? Or just don’t know where to start?

Or do you have plans for a project and want to get some general feedback on how you’re going so far?

Email lauren@findistyleit.com.au with your questions and we’ll answer them later in this season of the podcast.

Thanks again for listening. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts or your fav podcast app so you never miss an episode.

And if you want Lauren to work with you on your renovation or interior styling project then get in touch now.