Bondi Living Room

Project Description

We’re proud to say we made this Bondi beach living room really shine with our Total Makeover package.


Once the space was opened up to the kitchen (by removing a wall) and the outdated flooring and window treatments were removed, we could see that this space had so much great potential. The ceilings were super high, there was fantastic natural light, and original Art Deco features added style and character.


My client leads a busy life and she wanted this space, the only living area in the apartment, to be equally well-suited to relaxation and entertaining.


Flexibility and good functionality were the key design considerations. A low-line sofa in a stone grey linen blend provides a comfy spot to relax, while small side tables in marble and copper can be moved around the room depending on house it is being used. A specially commissioned Kristen Jackson artwork delivers the dose of colour the client requested – pink, blue, aqua and yellow to name just a few hues!


Similar colours are picked up in the cushions, with an eclectic mix of patterns and textures to create a layered, lived-in feeling.


This living room was part of a bigger renovation and makeover of an Art Deco one bedroom apartment in Bondi in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Have a look at how we updated this apartment’s bathroom and see how we transformed the kitchen from a dingy u-shaped cooking space to a functioning, modern open-plan kitchen that integrates seamlessly into this living room.


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Bondi Apartment


Bondi cool meets Art Deco


April 2015


living rooms, total makeover

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